Michael Kelly


After more than a decade of honing his trial and appellate skills in a large law firm, Michael joined the team at Thompson Addison where he has put those skills to work in a more individualized, client-centered practice. At Thompson Addison, Michael continues to defend a wide range of corporate and individual clients in all manner of litigated matters in state and federal courts. In addition, Michael utilizes the tools he developed as a defense lawyer to help plaintiffs navigate the legal pitfalls of litigation and achieve the best possible outcome effectively and efficiently. Since joining Thompson Addison, Michael has diversified his practice to assist clients in business-related matters from business formation and contract drafting to negotiations and asset sales. Michael finds that the knowledge and experience he has gained as a litigator are valuable tools when it comes to advising businesses on best practices to minimize exposure to liability and avoid litigation.

Michael believes a well-informed client is an empowered client, which is why he is forthright and upfront about every aspect of the representation from the outset of the attorney-client relationship. Michael strives to simplify complex legal issues for his clients and help them find common sense solutions to difficult problems.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Michael is happily married to Mississippi-native Monique Maselle Kelly, who is a top producing realtor. Together, with their three children, they call Madison County home. When Michael is not in the office, he enjoys cooking, live music, golf, and traveling.